Renovation of a traditional brand

Renovation of a brand

Incorporated in 1986, Kitchener Housing Inc. was originally sponsored by the City of Kitchener with the objectives to purchase, construct, hold, renovate, manage, provide and maintain housing for low and moderate income individuals and families in the City of Kitchener.

Twenty-five years later, Kitchener Housing Inc. along with Kitchener Non-Profit Property Management Inc., has grown to own and operate more than 750 units of apartments, townhouses and single-family homes in Kitchener.

Our Work


Web (responsive)
Property Photography
Team Photography


UI UX Design


Photo Package
Logo and Brand Identity


Back-end staff portal
- Documents + uploads + communication
- Multiple roles to allow team to self-manage the site
- Staff members can login and access all their employee resources
Back-end board portal
- Monthly board packages were hosted and delivered through the portal
- Up to 15 staff members accessing and download board resources monthly
- Board members access all their materials here

The challenge

Kitchener Housing Inc. was in need of a new website that was more than just a page of information. Along with available properties, tenants needed to be able to find information, forms and documents, while staff and board members needed an onsite portal for resources and information sharing.

Here is a good place to describe and explain all the back-end work and how they helped the staff, how was the work and study behind this development, government security etc.

- Tenants can access applications, news, and contact facilities for help
- View and apply to the 20+ properties available
- Created a custom support package for government-run business
- Improved application process for potential tenants and increased overall number of applications

New fresh face

Working with the Token team has been a refreshing and professional experience. The team in its entirety comes with a wealth of knowledge, combined with a creative edge that it crucial to the marketing world. We are very honoured and excited to be working with the Token team and find value in every meeting and every step along the way. We can’t wait to see what is in store in the future! - Rebecca Warren, Resident Engagement Coordinator

A fresh new identity

They now have a website for tenants, their staff portal, and a portal for their board members Beautiful branding, logo, letterhead, designed document. A brand identity.

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