4 Common SEO Mistakes by Beginners And How To Avoid Them

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    If you're a beginner in the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you're likely to make some mistakes along the way. In fact, you'll make more than just a few. After all, learning how to market your business online is incredibly difficult, and there are so many things that need to be done right for it to work out.

    1. The first mistake beginners make is that they don't take action.

    If you want to be successful, you need to take action. Don't say you want to be successful, get up and go be successful. It's one thing to say you want to get rich but it's another thing to go out and create wealth. The only way you're going to be successful is by taking action.
    “To get started, create something that people would find valuable and valuable is easy. To get started on getting started is hard.” — Seth Godin

    Now that we understand why you need to be actively creating content online to get started with the SEO game, let's get into the step-by-step process for figuring out what marketing you need.


    2. The second mistake beginners make is not getting started on the right foot.

    The second mistake is not getting started on the right foot. You have to make sure that you’re not making the same mistakes that other people have made before you. And you have to make sure that you’re doing it the right way and doing it right from the beginning. A lot of people, when they first push into SEO, do things with no real strategy. After all, after getting a big enough following, that’s what the big boys make money on. So, this is tempting. After all, if you want a big paycheck, go big.

    Unfortunately, that works for some, but not for most. Real SEO requires a behavioral shift in how you think about marketing, which is different than just throwing money at the problem.
    You can follow these ideas and strategies to create long-lasting and sustainable marketing that actually works. I have personally tested and implemented all of these strategies at different points in my tenure as a marketer. I hope this article can act as a resource to help you get started and stay productive.

    Not every strategy you propose in your piece or an Instagram caption will directly help you build your business. Some of them might even be counter-productive and cause you more harm than good. I’ve seen enough posts trying to “upgrade” their existing strategy to a more “modern SEO” approach. Only working with what you have makes not only sense, but it also limits the list of possible mistakes you can make.

    Still, there are some things you need to figure out early on, things that you have to consider when doing anything online. Plenty of people hit the social media button and forget to stop and really think about it. I’m guilty of that in the past. When I first started on my journey as a digital marketer, I took a page out of Bill Gates’ book and focused exclusively on the social aspects of my job. I put design and copywriting elitism aside and focused solely on the digital part of my job.


    3. The third mistake beginner make is that they don't learn enough about SEO to get good results.

    Bad SEO can even cause you to get banned from Google, and that’s never something you want to happen. If you can learn more about the basics of SEO, you can avoid these mistakes and get better results. Keep reading for 3 common SEO mistakes that beginners make so you can avoid them. You just can’t have a post in Google search results that doesn’t contain a detailed description of the products or services you offer. Instead of just listing a few products, use the 15-second summary as your SEO headline. This should include your URL, up to five keywords, and the type of customers or members you have. This helps people click and know what to expect when they visit your website.

    Going into your SEO copywriting, you should already know that upvotes are very important. If anyone on your website upvotes a piece of content, it could greatly affect the ranking of that page in Google search results. So, using one of these headlines will accomplish the same thing as voting on an article: it will help your content go to the top.

    We've all encountered this one at some point. We write the title for our content, but it sounds like a giant middle finger to our audience. Upon analyzing it, we’re convinced that the reader didn’t want to be bothered with such a long title. It took a lot of time and thinking to come up with such a convoluted title for our content, and it goes against the letter and spirit of our intended audience!


    4. The fourth mistake beginners make is not putting together a plan before they start working on growing their business's online presence

    The most important thing you can do when working online is to have a plan or a strategy to guide your way. This is incredibly important because you have to be able to see results if you’re going to be able to grow your business. Similarly to how you needed to know what keywords to use and what segment to target, you have to know the flow of traffic that you’re dealing with as well. The most important thing to get across here is that traffic can make a difference. Of course, not everything will work out, but if you can fix this problem (we'll get to that in just a moment), you should see a significantly improved user experience.

    People don’t always tell you what they do for a living, right? And that’s OK! That being said, they sure as hell as well as you know what it is they do for a living! For example, based on what I’ve been able to gather, people tend to work in the financial arena, especially those in accountancy. It makes sense — the job involves long hours, focus, and analysis to obtain accurate financial information.


    Ready to get started with SEO for your business? Check out our SEO landing page for FAQs, pricing, and much more!

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