Top 5 SEO Trends of 2023 to be Prepared For in Advance

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    Google is a living, breathing beast. With updates happening regularly as the search engine giant re-evaluates the landscape of SEO and search marketing, it'll take a keen eye to see what trends are coming next. In this article, we've compiled some of the most interesting trends we've seen so far. They're not necessarily tips on how you can use them in your business right now — but they should give you an idea of what's coming soon.

    1. Semantic search will be a big trend in the future

    In the future, search engines will be able to search for concepts instead of just keywords. For example, if you type “best movies of the 90s” into Google, you’ll get a list of the best movies of the 90s because Google has understood what you mean and not just what you typed.
    As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more familiar and saves us time searching through huge amounts of results, search engines will eventually be able to ‘autocomplete’ your queries, automatically figuring out what you mean.

    Businesses interested in using AI to power automated marketing campaigns can now opt-in to this functionality through the Google My Business profile, which will soon be making this process easier via a native mobile app.

    Add-ons such as the testing tool Zapier to automate tasks and promote a wider range of marketing campaigns, have already brought automation to business to a new level. Our lives have become much more connected, with shopping all around us 24/7, and people stocking up on the things they need when prices start dropping again amid the lockdown. It’ll be interesting to see how shopping patterns change and if retail businesses have enough power to make this happen. Search engines see the world the same way, and it’s logical to assume they might start offering recommendations based on cloud-based data too. By this logic, clothing brands could offer ‘similar products at a better price’ to shoppers heading for the shops. Amazon could also sell you dry-cleaned suits to make the purchase from the comfort of your own home.

    To ensure search engines aren’t unfair on smaller businesses, agree to partnerships that allow the same web service to run both your marketing and advertising campaigns as long as they prioritize the same visitors over any other. Seeing how this works now though will make you realize how powerful it can be, especially in a world where traffic is scarce.


    2. Voice search is getting better

    Voice search is becoming more and more important in our daily lives and the technology is improving every day. It’s projected that by 2021, 20% of all searches will be voice searches. If you’re trying to rank for a keyword, you should create content that is optimized for voice search. It tracks the pronunciation and spelling of a word, corrects typos, and even mirrors the pronunciation of the speakers. You can search for your competitors and competitors of your competitors. Google even created a voice keyboard, in addition to the standard keyboard.
    Also, Google has recently added a voice-to-text option for taking handwritten notes, remembering data, and doing coding. It may seem like a small thing, but the feature is really useful and makes you probably want to buy a pen to take handwritten notes on.
    AR has been around for a while now, and it seems promising. In 2020, many of the large tobacco and alcohol companies invested in AR for marketing to keep up with trends.

    Healthcare and education users are certainly amongst those most in-vogue with AR, and many are already comfortable with it. Why not go all-in on the new technology and optimize your content for AR? Identify what your users need, and create content that is searchable and discoverable in AR.


    3. Mobile SEO is crucial

    Mobile search is growing rapidly and Google is changing its algorithm to favour mobile-friendly websites. Because of this, you need to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly or that you’re at least optimizing your website for mobile SEO.Google has released new mobile-friendly guidelines to define what elements are considered mobile-friendly. It largely boils down to loading the content of the website to within 40% of its size on the smartphone. The guidelines also clearly state that any element overriding the browser usage requirements will be considered not to be mobile-friendly.

    With social media being such a prominent part of modern marketing, it’s no surprise that Google has recognized the importance a presence on social media should have. With this in mind, Google changed its definition to include social media content when deeming it to be an integral part of a website. Because Google has been developing its own technology and algorithm to determine the magic combination of factors for a page to rank highly, it sometimes causes some headaches for businesses trying to outreach through organic reach. However, with BigQuery, they have a solution to this.

    Google provides an AI-erased version of your website — which means you have your data in Google’s hands, saving you from having to create and maintain your own websites for every single blog. Google gives these AI-ers the website to host and then uses their algorithm to determine if your content is worth having in their search results. Previously data like domains, URLs, keywords, and even social media profiles were used to determine if your content should be in search results.


    4. Local SEO will be important for more businesses

    Local SEO will become increasingly important for businesses. If you want to be discovered online, you need to think about how you can be found locally. If you’re a store or a restaurant, local SEO is especially important because people in your immediate vicinity will be using Google to search for local businesses. Local businesses will earn traffic from folks using a service like Google Maps, and naturally, the front page of Google is dominated by the local businesses featured on it. The best local SEO is getting local, while the best local traffic is given to the websites of the most prominent local businesses.

    This bleeding-edge technology is invaluable for business owners, and it also brings with it entrepreneurial risks. Since the algorithm is constantly changing, there are other digital marketing opportunities to tap into than just creating unique, relevant content for a new feature in Google News. If Google’s recent changes have taught us anything, it’s that Google isn’t going to keep tabs on your content in the way, say, Facebook might if it was consumer-facing. Hence, entrepreneurship is increasingly reliant on the awesome potential of the Internet. Good traffic can make you a Pulitzer Prize finalist, but that traffic can also make you lose out to a spammer. The best course of action for content marketers is to find the best traffic and build the best content — i.e., become rich.

    Google Play is throwing open the doors to apps for Android. Previously only available to small, independent developers and hobbyists, Google has opened vast tracts of their android app index to the general public — all in an effort to increase app discovery, get apps on every phone, and invest in Google TV. Currently, we're not seeing many “killer apps” in Google Play, with no mid-tier competitors willing to compete with the top 250 apps, but that's only because the remaining top 500 apps hover around the absolute top of the charts.

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    5. Social media algorithms are changing how the world uses social media networks

    Social media algorithms have changed in recent years, and as a result, social media networks are no longer as effective at connecting users to each other. Now, social media algorithms are focused on creating a personalized feed for each user, because that’s what keeps people engaged with social media. Control of relationships is much less important, and as a result, people tend to flock to each other. With users more involved in brand building and participation, businesses have much more of a chance to build those relationships and advocate for themselves. That can, and should, improve conversions, leads, and sales.
    .) Engagement is now more important than links…

    Over the years link building has become less effective, and links are now more important. People don't just link to other links; they link to content that provides them with information, entertainment, entertainment, and most importantly — love. Content that provides value should go a long way, and if you separate your business from your content, chances are that it'll go a very long way, too. Not being online all that much these days, few people will remember you, but those that are really interested in you managed to recognize you. That doesn’t mean you don’t still have a brand to maintain; it just means they all remember your social media pages which were far too basic.


    Bonus Trend: The Rise of AI-Generated Content in SEO Strategies

    AI-generated content has rapidly emerged as a prevailing trend in the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With advancements in natural language processing and machine learning, AI tools are now capable of producing content that is 100% unique. These AI-generated pieces not only meet the requirements for originality but also demonstrate a high level of coherence and relevance to specific topics. As businesses seek to optimize their online presence, they are increasingly turning to AI-generated content to streamline their content creation processes while maintaining a competitive edge in the digital landscape. However, experts emphasize the need for careful monitoring and human oversight to ensure that the generated content aligns with ethical guidelines and incorporates the right SEO keywords to improve search engine rankings.

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