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    We here at Token care deeply about integrity and respect to our users, and our community. We do not tolerate scams, phishing, or people who try to take advantage of anyone. We will not stand for abuse and will defend against it with all our resources. That is why we have written this blog post to tell our community about a scam we have recently become aware of. If you think you have been impacted by this spam, please reach out to us: and seek immediate legal support.


    The Scam

    Our People & Culture Teams here at Token Creative Services have become aware that someone is impersonating our brand and team in an attempt to post fake jobs. The issue appears to be a phishing scheme – wherein these scammers are masquerading as a member of our HR team facilitate a fake job offer as an “Accounts Receivable Specialist”. These scammers are attempting to lure people to send them their personal information in exchange for fake job offers. They are doing this by requesting personal information directly, asking for government ID pictures, or via executing fake contracts.

    The risk is that these scammers are attempting to harvest personal and otherwise sensitive information from unsuspecting people simply looking for a job. They will take this personal information, and do any number of awful things with it.


    The Details

    We have heard from a few impacted people, which shared with us their experiences and some of the details for these scammers. Here are some of the items that have been shared and should be watched for:

    • Using the name “Julia Graham“. This is not a real person and does not work for our team.
    • The scammers use a fake domain close to ours to try and fool people. We have seen them use the fake domains “” and ““, but may use more. Anything that is not our domain is fake and should be avoided. Domains have a public record of who owns/bought a given domain, which you can lookup online using a WHOIS service. Here is an example of a whois lookup on the fake domains, where you can see it is not owned by us.
    • They are using a few phone numbers. But if we have seen them using 647-558-9634 and (647) 495-9518.
    • They are issuing fake job description documents. We have downloaded and made a copy of their fake job offer, which you can view on Google Drive here.


    Know The Difference

    • We ONLY ever communicate with our emails on our main domain: Any other domain than this exactly is fake.
    • If you receive any communications from someone that is named Julia, it is fake. Our HR team will ONLY ever communicate for hiring purposes via
    • To apply for jobs with Token, please only ever apply using our website page: We do not use any 3rd party websites to soliciting hiring.
    • If we are ever interested in interviews, we will always do so via an online video conferencing application (Zoom, Google Meets). During our hiring calls, you will physically see our faces and meet our team.


    Need Help?

    If you think you are being scammed and need help confirming the legitimacy of anything, don’t hesitate to contact our team at

    Protect yourself and NEVER share your personal information with anyone your don’t trust or know.

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    Have a question for our team? Want to learn more about what we offer? Already know what your company needs and just want to have a conversation with us?


    Let Us help you!

    Have a question for our team? Want to learn more about what we offer? Already know what your company needs and just want to have a conversation with us?