#SupportLocal: 5 Reasons Why the KW Community Should Support Local Businesses

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    In today’s world, people are constantly being told to be conscious of where their money goes, and to support local and small businesses. Many people are curious as to why they should support the local business community though. Here are 5 reasons why the Kitchener-Waterloo community should support local businesses:

    It’s Good For the Environment!

    Local small businesses produce a smaller carbon footprint than larger companies, which is much better for the environment. The more distance collected during transportation means more fossil fuels being burned which allows more harmful greenhouse gas emissions to be released into the atmosphere. When the delivery distance is smaller, the safer the environment becomes.


    Local Small Businesses Care!

    Many big corporations care about making money as their number one priority, whereas small businesses care about the products they use and the way that they treat their customers. This creates a strong community bond between business owners and their customers. Small businesses like creating a lasting relationship that repeats, instead of a one-time customer.

    More Product Diversity!

    The aim of small businesses is to make their products innovative, new, and diverse. When competing in a large business market, small businesses need to find ways to stand out, so they create products that are different, and put a spin on typical goods and services being sold. It’s important for small businesses to distinguish themselves in a good way. This creates a broader selection for customers…a.k.a, YOU!

    Invest in Community!

    Small businesses help shape the identity of a community. Local business owners are less likely to leave a community they have started in, and are more invested in the future of the community. This leads to a strong community with great connections, and shows how small businesses care about community members. This passion for a bond helps strengthen the love for the community.

    Creates More Jobs!

    Small local businesses are the largest employer nationally, and in many areas, provide the most jobs to residents in the community. Forbes wrote in an article that “[small, local] startups play an important role in job creation” (Acharya, 2019). Let’s encourage more start-ups so people have the opportunity to join community business!

    Local businesses are crucial to hold onto the community identity, and to ensure your community has a business heart full of love! KW citizens should be supporting local businesses to contribute to the safety of our environment, as well as creating more product diversity and investment opportunities within the community.

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